About Kris' Koats

Kris Metz has been making warm & fuzzy coats for greyhounds since 2001.  She started the business with her partner in canine couture, her Mom Jan Metz.  Kris has adopted many greyhounds over the years, and was overwhelmed by the love and joy they brought to her life.  She wanted to find a way to help the broader greyhound community.  Combining her sewing skills with the need for high quality, low cost winter coats for greyhounds, Kris set up shop.  Besides the quality and variety of her coats, what makes Kris' Koats so special is that Kris donates all of the profits to greyhound adoption.

Since she started fundraising through coats, Kris has helped support numerous greyhound groups including: Greyhound Adoption Service, Greyhound Options, Make Peace with Animals, Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, Grateful Greyhounds, Greyhound Rescue & Rehab, Greyhound Angels, Geminis Pampered Greyhounds, Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Greyhound Acres Adoption & Rescue, Lake Erie Greyhound Adoption, Linda Ann's Greyhound Adoption, Star City Greyhound Adoption Inc., Desert Hound Express Foundation, Philadelphia Greyhound Connection.  Kris works tirelessly making her beautiful custom coats for greyhounds and all types of dogs.  For her, it is the best way she knows how to help.  People ask me all the time why I do this.  Simply put, I love greyhounds!

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